COVID-19 in Belgium: is it over yet?

Antoine Soetewey 2020-05-22 2 minute read


This is a joint work with Prof. Niko Speybroeck and Angel Rosas-Aguirre.

Belgium recently started to lift its lockdown measures initially imposed to contain the spread of the Covid-19. Following this decision taken by Belgian authorities, we analyze how the situation evolved so far.

Contrarily to a previous article in which I analyzed the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Belgium using the SIR model, in this article we focus on the evolution of:

  • the number of hospital admissions
  • the number of new confirmed cases

at the province and national level.

Data is from Sciensano.

New hospital admissions


Belgian hospitalisations COVID-19

From the above figure, we see that the rate of hospitalizations continue with a decreasing trend in all provinces (and in Belgium as well).

Download the figure, or see the code.

Zooming in

Hospital admissions COVID-19 - Belgium

Download the figure or see the code.

Download the figure or see the code.

New confirmed cases

New confirmed COVID-19 cases in Belgium

Note that the reported number of new confirmed cases is probably underestimated. This number does not take into account undiagnosed (without or with few symptoms) or untested cases. Therefore, this figure should be interpreted with extreme caution.

Download the figure or see the code.

Thanks for reading. We hope that these figures will keep evolving in the right direction. In the meantime, take care and stay safe!

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